Thursday, September 21, 2006

Knit One, Purl Two ...

The cool, crisp days of fall seem to have arrived in Calgary. I love the fact that I can turn on my oven and cook true "comfort food" once again. The leaves are turning and my petunias have quietly died. Ben and I snuggle under our down comforter a night. I dress the children in long pants and fleece coats (and am discovering how much my boys have grown over the summer because all of their pants are too short!)

Fall has rekindled a desire within me to create crafts, working with fabrics and yarn. You know, I think I missed my true passion when I majored in painting at art school. I love vibrant colours and rich textures, elements I can work with in paint, but I love the feel of working with textiles --- the flow of yarn through my fingers, feeding soft swaths of fabric through my sewing machine.

I have great vision for creative needlework projects. I often have numerous ideas bubbling through my brain. Unfortunately, what I lack is practiced skill and training. I am a novice textile worker, at best. I'm frustrated by my shortcomings.

So I have decided that there is no better time than the present to learn new skills. I'll never gain proficiency unless I actually go out and try to make things. For several years I have longed to learn knitting. This afternoon I popped out to the store during nap time and bought a ball of yarn and some needles. I am going to practice making dish cloths! I figure there is no easier way to learn knitting than that!

Next week I plan to go to the Creative Stitches and Crafting Alive Show with my friend, Lacey. She and I are both beginners when it comes to needle crafts, but we have a keen desire to learn. We are going to try getting together on a regular basis to work on projects this fall. I think we'll have great fun! I'm looking forward to chatting and sewing with a like-minded friend :-).

For the rest of this evening I plan to relax on the couch and break in my new knitting needles. I have some lovely green (of course!) yarn to try out. And, well, for my close friends and family ... don't be surprised if you receive a few dish cloths this Christmas.

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