Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Romantic Getaway

Only three more sleeps! I can hardly wait! Ben and I are going away this weekend without our kids for the first time, well ... ever. I have never been away from my boys for more than one night before.

We're off to a friend's condo in Fernie for two nights. It will be a "mini honeymoon" in celebration of Ben's birthday next week. We plan to relax, eat out, go swimming, and spend most of our time ... sleeping. ;-)

Baby Girl is coming with us, of course. She and I could not survive an entire weekend without one another. My baby would get very hungry, very quickly! She is at such an easy age, though. She's portable and easy-to-entertain (not to mention that she sleeps for something like 17 hours a day). Taking Baby Girl along will be no problem.

An entire weekend without our rambunctious boys will be wonderful. I am so excited. I love my kids to bits, but some adult time alone will be very nice.

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Ben Inkster said...

Woooooo Hooooo !!!!!!!

I also am looking forward to this weekend. ;-)