Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Costume Carnival

This evening our family went to church. However, the church looked...a little different. Bouncy houses and mini golf stations filled the sanctuary. Video game consoles dominated the foyer. Miniature jeeps and rocking horses roamed the Sunday school hallways. A heady mixture of popcorn and cotton candy perfumed the air.

The building was overrun with tiny, rambunctious, costumed people. Lions and tigers, dinosaurs, pirates, doctors and super heroes. I think every little girl was dressed as a princess. I even saw Dorothy and her three companions from Oz.

Our family chose to dress as Star Wars characters. (Shocking, I know.) Our preschooler was a Jedi. He wore a fashionable green bathrobe and wielded a toy light sabre. Our toddler dressed as an Ewok (or reasonable facsimile). He wore a fuzzy panda bear costume, my brown fleece vest, and had a belt cinched around his waist. He also carried a light sabre. (I don't think Ewoks use light sabres, but no matter.) My husband looked stylin' in his gray bathrobe and a beige fleece vest. I used brown yarn to make a "Jedi braid" for his hair.

Baby Girl was the cutest Jedi of all. She dressed as none other than...Master Yoda. This afternoon my friend, Lacey, brought over a Yoda costume. Lacey did not realize we were planning to dress as Star Wars characters for our party, but her gift was perfect! Baby Girl looked adorable sporting pointy, green ears.

Our family chooses not to celebrate Halloween, so we are thankful our church provides a fun alternative to trick-or-treating. The kids had a blast at the party. They were candy-powered for most of the night.

(You know the irony? We all have dentist appointments first thing tomorrow morning!)

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