Monday, December 04, 2006

True contentment is ...

  • Waking up early and sharing a bowl of cheerios with my boys
  • Laughing at my two-year-old's knock-knock jokes
  • Making Christmas cookies with my excited preschooler
  • Nursing my sleepy baby
  • Listening to worship music and dancing around the living room with my kids
  • Snuggling my cranky toddler on the couch
  • Reading Eye Spy books over and over again with my boys
  • Making my baby girl giggle
  • Explaining the legend of St. Nicholas to my children
  • Helping my preschooler build intricate Lego spaceships

I enjoyed doing all these things with my children this morning. I am so grateful to have a beautiful home, loving husband, and three healthy children. I am a very blessed woman, indeed.

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