Thursday, January 25, 2007

Little Boys

I love how my boys are young and innocent. They've been sheltered and protected, I think even more so than most kids their ages. As they should be! My oldest boy is only four years old. He has plenty of time ahead of him for growing up. I think he should spend his days playing, being silly, and enjoying his boyhood.

Every day at lunch time I put on a DVD for the kids. For the past two weeks my boys have begged to watch the same video --- Elmo's World. I must say, I am getting pretty sick of that furry, red monster. But I'll keep playing Elmo's World as long as my boys request it for two reasons:

1. The boys agree on the movie and they enjoy watching it.

2. Elmo's World is not cool for most four-year-olds, but my oldest son doesn't care. Last week a five-year-old buddy came over to play. My boys asked to watch Elmo's World. The friend proclaimed, "That video is for babies!" but my sons didn't care one bit. In fact, my oldest boy gave his friend a look that said, "What are you talking about? Elmo is totally cool!"

Children stay little for such a short time. I don't plan to rush my boys' preschool years. They will grow up soon enough!

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