Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My School Kid

Yesterday morning my son and I paid an impromptu visit to his new preschool I wanted to pick up a registration form, and I had hoped we might take a look around. My big boy was terribly excited to visit the school.

Ben and I would like to register our son for junior kindergarten this September. The junior kindergarten program runs five afternoons per week, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. The class is geared towards four-year-olds ---- kids who are a bit too big for preschool, but not yet ready for kindergarten. The program focuses on pre-reading skills, an introduction to phonics, listening skills, play time, story time, and lots of crafts. The kids also spend some time working on computers.

The junior kindergarten class is very small. There are 20 children to two teachers. Early registration has already started, but we will not be allowed to register our son until Jan. 22. Three spots are still open in the class. On the registration day I plan to arrive at least half an hour early, and hopefully we will secure one of those last three seats! If not, we'll register our son in the three-day-per-week preschool program and put his name on the waiting list for junior kindergarten.

I was very impressed with the school when we toured it yesterday. The director was a kind, caring woman. She made a point of showing my son every classroom, and even let him play with some of the toys. The school has four large, bright classrooms, offices, and a computer lab for the children. We even toured the washrooms and the storage closet!

After reading all the resource material, browsing the web site, touring the school, and meeting the director and several teachers, I feel confident that our son will do well at this preschool. Our family will embark on a new season this September. I can hardly believe my little man will soon be a school kid!

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