Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This morning I released my first book into the wild. I've decided that I will only release books I enjoy reading and can recommend without reservation. That is, I want to give away books I would love to receive myself.

Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life is now floating around somewhere in southwest Calgary. (I may or may not have "forgotten" it in a public washroom...)

If you love your books, set them free!


Kimmy said...

"Releasing" books is a great idea. We have a lot of books in our household (75% of them are kids' books) and I have yet to read them all. My philosophy on books, primarily children's books, is that you can never have too many. I think the more books there are around, the more kids are likely to become future readers. My boys love it when they read books, and my seven-year old can read just about anything (with help at times). Rick Warren's book is a good one. I'm actually re-reading it right now. Our church had a message and Bible study series using this book several years back.
Lindsay, I found your blog via Christian Women Online and I've really enjoyed your posts. I actually backtracked and came across your post on the home water birth of your daughter. How exciting! I gave birth to our youngest at home as well, but it wasn't planned. There was no mid-wife; just my husband, my mom and I to manage everything. If you check out my blog I recently told the story of my "Bathroom Baby" and I think it's back about a week ago or so in my posts.
So, anyways, I just thought I'd let you know that I'm now a faithful reader of your blog and I look forward to your future writing. Just so you know, I'm a prairie girl from small-town Saskatchewan!

Lindsay Inkster said...

Hi Kimmy :-)

A couple of days ago I saw that you had linked to my blog, so I took a look at yours too. I did read your post about your "bathroom baby". What an experience!
Where are you from? I was born in Saskatoon. Most of my extended family live in Assiniboia. Good to hear from you!

Kimmy said...

Lindsay, I was also born in Saskatoon. I grew up in Borden and then returned to Saskatoon as an adult. After we married, my husband and I moved to Martensville, lived there for 8 years and have recently moved to an acreage outside of the town of Perdue (west of Saskatoon on the way to Biggar). I'm enjoying the beauty and serenity of "the great outdoors!"