Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Lunchtime Scheme

My husband has a weakness. If you know Ben, you know he loves to eat fast food. Unfortunately, hamburgers and french fries are a staple of his diet. He has managed to avoid supersizing his paunch (thanks to a good metabolism) but I sometimes wonder what his poor arteries look like.

When Ben moved his office out of our house he fell into a bad habit. He started eating out for lunch nearly every day. All those hamburgers are horrible for his health, and they're putting a serious dent in our budget!

The boys and I have come up with a brilliant plan to combat Daddy's fast food addiction :-). For the past few days I have been cooking extra-large suppers and freezing single servings in reusable plastic containers. I bought some paper lunch sacks and plastic forks. The boys and I decorated a bunch of the bags with colourful drawings, stickers and "I love you Daddy" messages. Ben doesn't like to eat sandwiches, but he does have a microwave at his office. Now I can send him to work with a nutritious, hot, made-with-love lunch every day! (This afternoon my son and I even made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for Daddy's lunches.)

Now let's just hope Ben doesn't forget his fancy lunch in our fridge tomorrow morning!

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