Sunday, May 20, 2007

He Reigns

This morning our pastor preached about the mystery of God. In a nutshell, his message centered on the following questions: Where is God when tragedy strikes? Why is life so unfair? Why does God allow us to endure suffering?

My own life is remarkably idyllic. I've never had to endure great suffering. I've not been directly touched by tragedy. Yet, I see pain in the world all around me. Disease, famine, depression and despair, war, calamity, depravity, hopelessness. My heart aches in the midst of all the suffering. What can I do?

God never promised us that life would be easy. He doesn't completely shelter us from pain or shield us from calamity. However, He has promised to walk beside us. Always. He will never leave us. He loves us with an undying love that will endure forever.

What can I do in the midst of suffering? I can pray. I can fall on my face and call out to God. I know He is faithful to hear my prayers, and though His answers may not always be what I expect, I can trust in His sovereignty. God knows best.

I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy.
Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!
(Psalm 116: 1-2)

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