Thursday, May 17, 2007

Learn to Crochet

Crafty Daisies will be hosting a great new series of tutorials for crafty girls (and guys) interested in learning to crochet.

Heather will share a lesson each Tuesday for the next 12 weeks. She will teach the basics of crochet, new stitches and techniques. Every lesson will include a pattern for a couple of afghan squares so participants can practice what they've learned.

Here's a list of the proposed lessons:

Lesson 1
Terms and Abbreviations
How to read a pattern
Gauge swatches
Basics: Chain, slip stitch and single crochet

Lesson 2
Half double crochet, double crochet and triple crochet

Lesson 3
Moss stitch, shell stitch, popcorn stitch, diagonal shell stitch, puff stitch

Lesson 4
Increasing and decreasing

Lesson 5
How to create ribbing (2 different methods)

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
Tunisian crochet

Lesson 8
Changing colors in crochet

Lesson 9
Weaving in ends, finishing edges (crab stitch, ruffles)

Lesson 10
Joining / seaming

Lesson 11

Lesson 12
Show and Tell

If you keep up with your homework, by the end of 12 weeks you will crochet your own lafghan. Heather also has some cool prizes available for committed participants!

If you are interested in joining in on the fun, please check out the Crafty Daisies site. The lessons will start this Tuesday.

Happy crafting!


Ben Inkster said...

Do lafghans cause you to giggle uncontrollably whilst snuggling in them?

Lindsay Inkster said...

I'm not sure. Care to find out together?