Thursday, May 24, 2007


No work has been accomplished on our basement this week. The electrical inspector finally arrived this morning. The inspection took all of three minutes. The contractor will start drywalling tomorrow.

My four-year-old son has been sorely testing my patience. I think he has an overabundance of testosterone coursing through his veins.

My two-year-old peed in the toilet twice on Monday. (It was the first time, ever.) He hasn't been interested in using the potty since.

We booked a week-long vacation to Saskatoon and Tobin Lake for July. We'll be attending a family reunion there for a couple of days.

I convinced all the kids, even my four-year-old, to nap this afternoon. I used the unexpected solitude to practice my crochet. After a half-hour of frustration, I think I've got it.

Baby Girl will turn one in a few weeks. She still isn't crawling yet, but she's learned to get around by scooting on her bum. I am planning to make butterfly cupcakes for her birthday.

I have single-handedly eaten an entire watermelon over the past three days.

I am in the midst of refashioning my living room curtains. They are turning out well. I'm hoping to finish them up tonight.

Yesterday the library had a 2-for-1 book sale. I bought two practically brand-new books for a grand total of $1.

Ben has been super-busy at work. I feel like I've hardly seen him over the past three days.

I will not be following my meal plan for tonight. My family will be eating frozen pizza. I don't feel guilty. I don't.

This weekend Ben and I are planning to rearrange the furniture in our living room (to go with the new curtains, of course). I am excited about it. Ben ... well, I'm sure he's looking forward to moving the piano.

The piano tuner is coming June 18.

I hope the basement is finished by June 18.


Ben Inkster said...

We're rearranging the furniture???

Lindsay Inkster said...

Didn't you get the memo?