Monday, July 09, 2007

"Diwty" Jokes

I heard my two-year-old talking through the closed door to his bedroom. Nap time was over. I quietly opened the door and stepped inside.

My son sat in the middle of his bed, facing toward the back wall. He had carefully arranged his stuffed monkey and two fuzzy bears along the edge of the head board. As though holding sway over an important meeting, my son talked to his stuffies.

"Oh man. Dat was a stinky one!" he exclaimed. He patted his monkey on the head.

I giggled and my two-year-old turned around.

"Hi Mommy!" he exclaimed. Then his bright expression fell. "I was telling diwty jokes," he confessed.

"Oh dear." I put on a stern expression. "Were you saying poopy jokes?"

He smiled, and with a mischievous look replied, "No, my monkey was doing fluffy jokes!"

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