Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Brave Boy

We took our eldest son for his immunizations this evening. He had a bad experience with his last shots, so I was apprehensive about tonight's appointment. In hopes of making things easier, we delayed telling him about the appointment until yesterday. As well, the whole family went out for a special "big boy" dinner tonight and we allowed our son to take his special blankie into the clinic.

I am very proud of my boy. He did cry a bit, but he took two needles in the same arm without squirming or screaming. He snuggled with his daddy and cuddled his blankie throughout the ordeal. Tonight's experience was considerably less traumatic than the last time.

When we arrived home tonight my son was like a heavy sack of potatoes. He was tired, droopy and ready for bed. I think the emotional tension caused by the immunizations wiped him right out. He could barely keep his eyes open. Here's to hoping he sleeps deeply tonight and has a restful day tomorrow.

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