Monday, October 22, 2007

Letting Go --- Getting Organized

Today I started a new project. It's something I can work on a few minutes at a time, whenever I get a spare moment or two. Basically, I am making two super-organized binders --- one for my recipes and another for interesting craft projects.

I have piles of Canadian Living and Martha Stewart magazines gathering dust on my bookshelf. Yesterday a friend also blessed me with a delicious stack of Everyday Food. I've dog-eared many of the magazine pages, but the truth is, I rarely look at them (or remember what's on the pages I was interested in). Therefore, I've finally decided to defile my sacred magazines and (gasp) tear out the pages I like. I'll recycle or give away the old magazines and gain valuable new shelf space!

Somewhere around here I have a big box of plastic page protectors. (I just have to find it!) I also have another box of old, but still good, binders. I found a stack of binder tabs in my office supplies drawer. I plan to protect and categorize every recipe and craft page I've saved. Hopefully, I'll end up with a couple of terrific, functional new home-management binders.

Some of the categories I plan to use for the crafts binder:
paper crafts
crafts for kids

Some of the categories I plan to use for the recipes binder:
main dishes (I will likely break this down further: chicken, beef, fish, casseroles, etc.)

I'm sure the categories I require will become self-evident as I sort through my mess of recipes. I love doing this kind of stuff. Here's to some happy organizing!


Ben Inkster said...

Do you think you may have hit the hungry trimester of pregnancy?


Lindsay Inkster said...

Enough out of you! At least you directly benefit from my hunger!