Saturday, October 20, 2007

Room to Breathe

Yesterday I started working on a quilted wall hanging for our dining area. (Or rather, corner of the kitchen). I've had the idea bubbling in my brain for several weeks. I had each of the children draw on a square of fabric with permanent pens. The three large squares are surrounded by a grid of small patchwork squares and then bordered by wide strips. (I will post pictures as the project progresses.) In all, the wall hanging will measure around 4o" wide by 18" tall.

This afternoon I was able to piece together most of the top. (I only have the borders left to finish.) The little ones took long afternoon naps. Ordinarily, I would take a nap as well, but my eldest son was home from school and Ben was at his office. My big boy contentedly played Lego on the floor of my bedroom while I sewed ... for nearly two hours.

It was a delightful afternoon.

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