Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Book Review:

The Potty Training Answer Book
by Karen Deerwester

Potty training is an ongoing challenge in the Inkster household. Our youngest son turned three earlier this month and he's slowly learning to use the toilet. We've finally graduated from diapers to pull-ups. (The few days we tried regular underwear did not go well.) He still averages about one accident per day.

Though we've been through potty training with our first son, I feel like a total potty training newbie. The first time around we waited until our son was 34 months old. He trained in two days flat. It was incredibly easy. (Too easy.) Our first son basically trained himself.

Our second son is quite opposite from his brother. Whereas our eldest is intense and exacting, our second-born is easy-going and adaptable. Our eldest is an outgoing introvert. His brother is an extroverted social butterfly. Our younger son could care less about learning to use the toilet because he has so many fun, exciting things to do!

I borrowed the Potty Training Answer Book from the library upon the recommendation of a fellow mommy blogger. This book is compact and easy to read. It follows a simple question-and-answer format and addresses some of the following issues:
  • What is the average age for girls to be potty trained?
  • What is the average age for boys to be potty trained?
  • Does a child’s temperament affect potty training?
  • What words should I use for body parts and bodily functions?
  • Is nighttime potty training different than daytime potty training?
  • Can rewards be a positive potty strategy?
I can't say I learned anything terribly revolutionary from The Potty Training Answer Book. However, it did reaffirm my role as a potty training coach. I realized that potty training is a process and that for some children it can take a long time. I've started to relax, follow my son's cues, and offer him lots of positive encouragement. He's gradually learning to listen to his body and I'm learning to listen to him.

Best of all, our son has regularly begun exclaiming, "I have to go potty!" He'll race to the bathroom, take off his (dry) pull-up and use the toilet on his own. This is a major breakthrough! We're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks in part to the Potty Training Answer Book.

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AlisonVeritas said...

ooo I'm glad for a recommendation! Aria is young to potty train, but up until recently she's been so excited about the potty, and has had a few successful visits to it. So we're starting slow. Last week, however, we had a major setback where she pooped in the tub, terrified herself, and may never happily bath again, nevermind the potty! sigh....