Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gifts for the Children

I am finally getting a start on my Christmas gift shopping. My goal is to have everything ready by the end of November. (We'll see!) I have purchased only our children's gifts so far.

Ben and I have a gift-giving tradition. We choose to give each member of our immediate family three presents: a book, a toy and a piece of clothing. I ordered some neat new books for the kids from my son's book order. (Now I have to figure out how to get them home from school without him knowing!) Last weekend I bought materials to sew each of the children matching flannel pajamas. (I will share pictures if the PJs turn out well.)

Best of all, I found the perfect toy for our children. For months, Ben and I have wanted to buy a play kitchen for the kids. Last week I spotted the "Inside / Outside Cook n' Grill Kitchen" in an Air Miles Christmas catalogue. I redeemed some Air Miles to buy the kitchen (because we hardly ever travel anyway). It should arrive at the end of the month! I even received free shipping! What a blessing.

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