Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Grand Purge

"So, honey ... are you sure you're not nesting?" my husband gently inquired.

I brushed the hair from my eyes and straightened the bib of my (stylish) maternity overalls. "Of course not," I retorted, "What would give you that idea?" I began stuffing old clothes into a garbage bag.

"Well, you know. It's just that you've done a lot of cleaning lately." Ben paused. "Just how many closets did you re-organize today?"

I tossed my husband a sheepish look and added the bag to a pile. "Umm ... well. All of them."

A look of disbelief flashed across his face. "All of them?"

I scratched my belly and smiled apologetically. "You know how it goes. I got started, and one thing led to another, and I just decided to keep going, and the kids were being really good anyway ..." My voice trailed off.

"I thought you were going to take it easy today," Ben quietly prodded.

"Uh, right. You're absolutely right. I'll definitely take it easy tomorrow ..."


The fruits of my labour and some rather obscure discoveries:

  • Five big bags of clothes for Goodwill.
  • Two bags of trash.
  • A dozen empty toilet paper rolls.
  • Seven extra pairs of glasses.
  • An embarrassing assortment of unused, unwanted toiletries.
  • A double-breasted blazer circa 1995. (Uggh.)
  • Five bottles of expired sunscreen.

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