Monday, January 21, 2008

Thoughts from Home

This morning we made Tammy's delicious whole wheat cinnamon graham squares. I like making bar cookies because the entire batch bakes at once. It is so much faster! I also appreciated Tammy's suggestion to cut the cookies with a pizza slicer before baking them. The resulting squares were very neat and tidy. Yum yum.

Here's little laundry tip I learned recently:

Our kitchen and bathroom linens tend to develop a yucky mouldy smell, even when I change them often. In the past, the only way I could eliminate the stench was by adding bleach to the wash cycle. I'm not fond of using bleach because it can discolour fabrics and break down the fibres. I now add 1/2 cup of plain vinegar to each wash load of linens instead. The vinegar is less harsh and my cloths and towels smell fresh! Such a simple solution!

Happy homemaking, and stay warm on this blustery day.

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