Saturday, February 16, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby

I can hardly believe our growing baby is 30 weeks old today. We are 3/4 of the way to meeting him face to face! Our baby is turned head-down already, but he often rolls between the posterior and anterior positions. He has lots of room to move and groove, twist and turn. Perhaps this baby's birth position will remain a mystery until the last possible moment, just like his older sister's did :-).

Our entire family has been felled by February colds this week. It's not been horrible, but I could certainly use a good dose of cough suppressant. And a full night's sleep. (Both are hard to come by for a pregnant mama.) Here's to hoping our family is on the mend soon!

Last night I realized I have not read a single pregnancy-related book or article this time around. How unusual! Through my last three pregnancies I devoured anything and everything related to birth and babies. I suppose I am saturated. I have no great desire to read anything more on the subject. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I don't have as much time or energy these days...

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