Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Try, Try Again

I like to feel competent. God has graciously given me many gifts, and most of the time I learn things quickly and easily. I don't often fail. (Which can be a mixed blessing.)

The past few days been tough on my ego.

I am learning to sew and have tackled a couple of new projects. Let's just say ... progress has been slow. My seam ripper is seeing lots of action! As it turns out, my multi-talented husband is better at reading patterns than I am. (Thanks, for your help, honey.)

I have also been preparing to take a music exam. Unfortunately, tonight's music lesson was less than stellar. I came away from the class with instructions to redo several hours worth of work. How frustrating! Just when I thought I understood the material!

What am I learning through all this? I am discovering that mistakes are great teachers. For example, I'm learning how to properly sew ribbing and how to follow a simple pattern. (In minute detail!) I'm learning that clever, complicated solutions to a musical problem are not always the best solutions. I'm also learning that "nothing ventured means nothing gained."

My ego is feeling bruised tonight, but I think I'll live. I am trying to take risks and try new things. So what if everything doesn't work out perfectly the first time?

That's what true learning is all about.

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