Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colour Theory

Our five-year-old son has been learning a bit of French in school. The other day he decided to review his colours en francais.

"Hey Mommy!" he said, "Did you know that the colour blue is bleu in French?"

"Yes, that's true," I replied.

Our son systematically named every blue object in the room.

"Hey Mommy! Did you know that the colour green is vert?"

He named every green object.

"Hey Mommy!" exclaimed our son, "Did you know that the colour red is rouge?"

Every red object.

"Hey Mommy! The colour pink is rose!"

Every pink object.

Our son paused and thought for a moment. "Mommy?" he asked, "How do you say yellow in French?"

"Yellow is jaune," I said.

"Juane! Juane! Juane!" he repeated gleefully.

Our son pointed to his younger brother's shirt. "Juane!" he exclaimed.

"Hey!" our three-year-old protested, "My name isn't John!"

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