Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Quick Update

Things are moving along in Inksterland. Ben and I spent most of the day cleaning and tidying our current home. Tomorrow our real estate agent will take pictures and prepare the house listing. Our house officially goes on the market first thing Monday morning.

Ben and I are both tired. (Exhausted. Not quite firing on all cylinders at this point...) However, we don't have much left to do. My pregnancy nesting coupled with a neat-nick personality resulted in a fairly tidy home to begin with. We should be finished all the odd jobs by tomorrow night.

Baby is staying put in my womb for now. I have been having some strong contractions over the past few days. Will Baby make his appearance soon? I'm not sure. I wouldn't be surprised if he arrived this weekend, but the contractions could simply be a result of all the excitement lately. If Baby waits two or three more weeks perhaps our house will sell before the birth. (Wouldn't that be great...)

Things are moving along at an alarming rate, but Ben and I feel surprisingly peaceful amidst it all. It's as though we are in the eye of a hurricane. We can certainly tell many people are praying for our family. Thank you for your prayers!

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