Thursday, May 01, 2008

Is This Meant To Be A Compliment?

We stood outside the classroom door, waiting for the school day to begin. My five-year-old son gently patted my belly and casually remarked, "Hey Mommy, your tummy is all soft and squishy now." He paused and then continued, "You know, now that you don't have a baby in it."

My son began tugging at my shirt, and before I could stop him, exposed my soft tummy to the other moms gathered in the hallway. "And look Mom!" he exclaimed, "Your belly button's not an outie any more!"


Susan said...

Too funny!! Not so much for you, sorry. My 4 year old thinks we should plant a baby seed in my tummy. Where do you get one? Target of course!

Lindsay Inkster said...

LOL :-)