Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book Review:

This book is awesome. If I had to choose a single cookbook to keep on my shelf, this would be the one. Homemade claims to include "702 ways to save money and the earth ... how to make hundreds of everyday products fast, fresh and more naturally". I believe it fully lives up to the promise.

Would you like to make your own multigrain bread? How about marshmallows? Ketchup? Maybe lip balm? Or toothpaste? I especially appreciated the numerous recipes for non-toxic, natural cleaners. Homemade contains terrific recipes for food, health and beauty products, home remedies, pet care products, cleaning agents and gardening aids.

I read every single recipe in this book. I liked the ingredients and instructions because nothing was scary, complicated or intimidating. Many products I always wondered about are included within Homemade's pages. I now feel confident enough to attempt making things like pickles or my own bathroom cleaner.

Homemade is an excellent resource for any homemaker. This book may very well become my go-to wedding gift for new brides. I borrowed my current copy from the library but intend to purchase a book of my own very soon. I feel sure the investment will quickly pay for itself. Our family's health and budget will reap great rewards.

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