Monday, June 09, 2008

Deep Intercession

We were gathered around the kitchen table, finishing the last bites of supper. Our five-year-old suddenly slid from view and disappeared under the table.

"Whoa Buddy!" I exclaimed, "What are you doing under there?"

Our son's head popped up from under the table. He paused for a moment. "Umm. You know. I was just praying," he mumbled.

"You were praying???"

"Well ... in Sunday school we learned that you should pray where nobody can see you," our preschooler explained.

My husband swallowed a laugh. I hid my smile behind my hand. "I'm just curious. What were you praying about when you were under the table?" Ben finally managed to ask.

"I was just asking God to help me be a better Christian. And to not lie too much."

"Ah, I see," Ben replied, "Well ... amen!"

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