Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Birthday Girl

How did it happen? Our Baby Girl turned two years old yesterday! She's hardly a baby anymore...

Our little sweetheart is a total girly girl and loves to dress up. She received several pretty dresses and two new pairs of shoes for her birthday. I think she was in heaven! We will have a hard time choosing which new dress she'll wear to church tomorrow morning.

Yesterday we invited our close family over for a small birthday celebration. We ate very delicious sprinkles cupcakes (the mix was a gift from my good friend, saved for a special occasion). Our birthday girl modeled her new clothes (adorable) and her older brothers entertained the guests with an impromptu performance. (It may have involved super heroes. The whole plot was somewhat fuzzy.)

Our Baby Girl is practically all grown up, it seems. Can't she stay small forever?

The birthday girl and her big brother.

Blowing out the birthday candle.

The super heroes.

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