Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome to Canada!

Today's the day! I've been waiting four long years for this day to finally arrive. This evening we will meet my dear South African pen pal and her family for the very first time. I can hardly wait to go to the airport!

This week the children and I constructed a welcome banner for our South African friends. I wrote "Welcome to Canada" in large letters across the banner. The kids used crayons, markers and stickers to decorate the rest of the large roll of paper. Everything went smoothly until our five-year-old decided to add his own welcome message to the banner.

(Last weekend a mission's team from Tanzania spoke at our church. They talked about their experience working with African orphans and presented a slide show. One image must have stuck in the mind of our impressionable kindergartner...)

Our five-year-old, using primitive phonetic spelling and a big black crayon, added the following words to the banner:


Oh dear. Welcome to Canada. Don't mind the mushrooms...

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