Monday, September 22, 2008


This weekend our family went to my cousin's wedding in Kelowna. It was certainly a whirlwind trip! We left at the crack of dawn on Friday and returned late last night. We had intended to return in time for school and work this morning. In retrospect, if we had known a mudslide would close the TransCanada highway I think we may have stayed in Kelowna an extra day.

The wedding was very nice. It was good to visit with my extended family, if only for a day. The kids were awesome. Considering we kept them awake late, all shared a single hotel room, and spent most of the weekend driving, the kids were incredible. They had a terrific time cuttin' up the floor at the wedding dance. Too cute!

I'm ready to be done traveling, that's for sure. It feels like we've been gone every weekend lately. (Though we haven't, really.) I'm such a homebody, I'd choose to stay home all the time if we could. Ben and I definitely haven't been bitten by the travel bug like my sister and brother-in-law!

(As an aside ... my sister bought a new house last week and it's only three blocks away! We are very excited to welcome Lori and Matt to the neighbourhood!)

Ben has one trip coming up in October and then we are done! No more traveling for our family for a good, long time. I'm totally looking forward to nesting through the fall and winter. It's time to settle down.

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Prairie Girl said...

oh no! how long was the highway closed for?

We've been stopped by construction on the #1 with "A" in the car and that was a stretch. I can't imagine a mudslide!