Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Visitor (Part 2)

As of last night, "Buggy" the bat was still alive. My heroic husband stayed up late constructing a lovely bat box for him. (I decided to go to bed.) Ben gently prodded Buggy into his new home, where he crawled up to the top and hung upside-down. Ben took it as a good sign. Since it was late and dark, Ben put the bat box out beside our fence but didn't hang it up.

This morning our entire family was very curious to learn Buggy's fate. Ben built the bat box with a hinged front. At breakfast time he went into the backyard to check inside the box, but alas, our bat had flown the coop. The box was empty.

We're hoping Buggy went out hunting bugs and stayed safe last night. I'm not sure whether he could fly with a torn wing. I hate the thought that a cat or some predator may have caught him. At any rate, Buggy was a wild creature and we didn't want to keep him in the garage too long. He deserved to be out and free. Maybe he will return to the bat box tonight. Who knows? We'll hang the box on our fence in hopes that a small nocturnal resident will soon call it home.

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