Friday, September 12, 2008


Today I am grateful for guardian angels.

I was out running errands for most of this morning and returned home just before lunch. As I pulled into our driveway, I clicked the button on the garage door opener. Nothing happened. I clicked a few more times. Nothing.

"Drat," I thought to myself, "The remote's battery has gone dead."

I put the van into park and stepped onto the driveway. I punched our code into the key pad on the side of the house and waited. Nothing. The garage door didn't budge.

Double drat.

I punched in the code one more time and listened carefully. The motor was running inside but the garage door wouldn't move. Something was broken, for sure.

The kids and I left the van on the driveway and went in through the front door. I walked through the house and out to the garage, flipping on the light. I pressed the button from the inside.

The garage door motor started, the chain pulled the lever across the ceiling, but the arm was no longer attached to the door. All the bolts had pulled free. It took a moment for the ramifications to sink in.

What if those bolts had given way when the door was open?

What if one of the children had been under the door when the bolts gave out?

Our children had run under that door just hours earlier as we left for school...

I shuddered.

And I thanked God for sending a big, burly angel to shoulder that heavy door in order to keep our family safe.

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Maritza said...

Whew! Now I do agree, God must have had one good reason! He always has for things working out great.

Makes me shudder too! So glad you & your loved ones are ok!

Have a good week with all the earands & stuff :)

Love your blog!