Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crafty Goodness:

Warm Fuzzies
by Betz White

Few things in life are sweeter than cupcakes and ice cream, however, Betz White's tasty new book takes the cake. Warm Fuzzies is chock full of quirky, cute and delicious crafty goodness. My favourite projects include a soft felted baby blanket, an ice cream cone tape measure, and of course, White's signature cupcake pincushions.

Warm Fuzzies is an absolute pleasure to devour. The photography is delectable and each project is creative and cute. I personally love White's material of choice --- recycled felted sweaters. Her tips and tricks for felting old wool sweaters are invaluable and I look forward to experimenting with some of my own projects very soon.

Truly, anyone who loves food, felt and crafty fun will enjoy Warm Fuzzies. Yum.

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