Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Potty Training Diaries: Week One Recap

Our big girl is now wearing panties full-time through the day! Yesterday she abandoned wearing pull-ups for treks outside of the house and so far hasn't had an accident. (I did lay an old towel in the car seat just in case.) Our potty trainee still wears a diaper to sleep, though. I am not worried about night training at this point.

Unfortunately, our daughter is batting about .300 for pooping in the potty. She's had several accidents in that regard. Any suggestions? She's very good at telling me when when she feels to poop but it's usually too late to run to the potty.

All in all, I'm very pleased with our big girl's accomplishment. We've never had a child potty train so early. Now that I've experienced it both ways, I definitely agree girls are easier to train than boys. (Our first son was nearly three when he trained. Our easy-going second-born was almost four. Our daughter turned 28 months this week.)

I'm feeling practically giddy --- only one child wears diapers in our house!


Prairie Girl said...

way to go, H!!!

The Nilsen's Journey said...

congrats! That's awesome!! I don't have advice first hand, but my dear friend who is also potty training her little guy says to put the child on the toilet about 1/2 hour after meals or if the child is regular about when it poops, plan to put them on the potty then. For us, our son is almost like clockwork when he fills his pants. I'm hoping it won't change too much so it'll be easier (at least I can dream right?)