Saturday, October 11, 2008


We are now into Day 4 of Daddy's business trip. Ben will return home sometime tomorrow afternoon. I think things are going exceptionally well, really. The kids have been good and Ben's teenage sister has come to stay for the weekend. The extra set of hands were a great asset last night when I had to run out to the store!

Potty training is going fairly well. We had two puddles yesterday, sadly, but today our big girl has been completely dry. I even took the children to the zoo for a couple hours this morning. Our H. Bear wore pull-ups and refused to use the public washroom. She waited until we returned home and then used her potty. Our big girl received a big marshmallow for that feat!

Last night I realized that after almost nine years of marriage Ben and I have never been apart for so long. I really miss him. The bed has been cold and I've taken to wearing flannel pajamas and thick socks. I hope he's enjoying the weather in sunny California...

Our littlest family member is still working on tooth #2. I wish that thing would finally poke through! He's been up two or three times every night lately. (Oh how I pray my baby will sleep 12 hours again!) I also suspect our timbit is ready to start solid foods. He will be six months old next week and is a fairly big boy. I think he's getting hungry in the night.

Yesterday we slept in and I kept our three-year-old home from school. (Our kindergartener had a PD day.) I am feeling quite guilty about skipping preschool. Our son doesn't really understand he missed school, at least. I was simply too tired to load up all the kids first thing in the morning. Yes, I'm feeling horribly guilty.

All that to say, I'm looking forward to Ben's return tomorrow. I've been so grateful for our caring friends and family. I can't count how many people have offered to help. Thank you so much!

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