Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Victory and Defeat

Some days are filled with both highs and lows. Today was a real mixed bag in Inksterland. At some points of the day the kids' behavior drove me crazy. At other times, however, I marveled at how quickly they are growing and maturing.

The victory: Our baby boy is finally catching on to the mysterious process of eating. He's learned how to swallow food (rather than push it out with his tongue). Most of his supper actually ended up down the pipe instead of splattered on the bib! Here's to hoping the solids help him sleep through the night.

The defeat: Today was not great in the potty training department. Our toddler had three accidents --- two of them in her car seat. (Thankfully, I had lined the seat with a plastic bag and old towels.) I am baffled by her repeated setbacks. She sits on the potty regularly, produces, and still has many accidents.

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The Nilsen's Journey said...

I have now decided the Lord gives us children for many reasons, but one is to refine us.

Had one of those days with my older child. Have a better day today! You are a blessing!