Friday, December 26, 2008

O Holy Night

The congregation stood in reverent silence.  The gentle glow of candlelight warmed the sanctuary as our pastor shared a Christmas message of hope.  

(Our children fidgeted and squirmed.)

The pastor continued to speak.  He spoke and spoke.  He spoke some more.  My husband and I tried to keep small fingers away from flickering candles.  The potential for singed eyebrows alarmed me.

"... at times," our pastor intoned, "We tend to live fraudulent lives..."

Our five-year-old grinned and loudly responded, "Well, at least we don't live flatulent lives!"


AlisonVeritas said...

i heard about this classic moment!!! We shared a good laugh over just how witty your kids are!

Courtney said...

The Inkling's xmas shenanigans absolutely made my evening, that's for sure!

The Nilsen's Journey said...

That's so funny Linds!! AHHHAHAHAHAHA!