Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday
January 12, 2009

Last week our family enjoyed some tasty new recipes.  In particular, we all enjoyed the Thai Shrimp Linguine.  I used whole wheat spaghetti instead of linguine and I doubled the recipe for our family.  It was so cute to watch the kids eat spaghetti with chop sticks!  As well, I couldn't find Thai peanut sauce at my grocery store so I made my own.  (Again, I doubled the batch.) 

Last night our family ate Smoked Sausage Pasta for supper.  This recipe was also a winner!  The small portion of leftovers didn't even last until morning, and our kids especially liked the sausage and the olives.  I will certainly add this recipe to our list of family favourites.

This week I will try a few more new recipes.  The Thai dish was such a hit last week, I'd like to see what the kids think of another one.  Here's my proposed menu plan:

Monday:  No cooking! (supper with my parents)
Tuesday:  Mostaccioli casserole, green salad
Wednesday:  Chicken pot pie (from the freezer), sliced apples
Thursday:  Leftovers
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  Saucy beef patties, glazed brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes

I've just discovered that when I link to recipes from the newest Taste of Home magazines, access is restricted to Taste of Home subscribers.  I believe the restriction is lifted once they send out the next magazine issue :-).

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Looks like a great menu!