Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Whole Truth

Okay.  As much as I'd like to paint the whole house this weekend, I realize it's not going to happen.  I can live in the land of reality.  If we finish painting the small main floor bathroom (which I feel is a fairly realistic expectation) I will be absolutely thrilled.

I bought a warm, chocolate brown paint for the bathroom.  I'm hoping to have enough paint left in the pail to do a brown feature wall in our bedroom as well.  I also plan to replace the bathroom's toilet paper roll and towel bar (small changes that can have a nice impact).  As my husband so eloquently states, our bathroom currently looks like the previous home owners allowed preschoolers to paint it.  (Ouch.)  The job is patchy, at best.  I am looking forward to sprucing it up!

I am in need of some advice.  The bathroom floor is currently dotted with unsightly paint splatters.  I'm fairly certain the previous owners intended to replace the linoleum with tile but sold the house before they finished the job.  Can anyone recommend a solvent for removing latex paint from linoleum?  I suppose we could rip out the linoleum and replace it with a remnant quite easily.  I'm not ready to tackle that type of job this weekend, though!

The paint was on sale this week, so I also bought enough to do our bedroom and the stairwell/hallways.  If we can finish all our projects within the next month or so, while the weather is still cold, I think my painting bug will be satisfied!  

(Okay, okay.  In the interest of complete honesty ... the painting bug is insatiable!)


Sara said...

I have found a razor blade works if it's a thicker dot type mark, but if it's a thinner smear then a really strong scrub brush works to get into the little cracks. It's like getting paint off plastic, it should just "pick" off. If that doesn't help, then I don't know. Good luck!

Lindsay Inkster said...

Thanks! My dad also suggested trying Goo Gone.