Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Small Inconvenience

My library card broke in half last week.  The thing snapped clean in two.  I nearly cried and felt as though I'd lost my left arm.  

This week I went to the library and asked for a replacement.  It was no problem but I am now facing an unexpected dilemma.  Along with the new card I received a new identification number.  A new number!  I liked my old number, thank you very much.  It was conveniently memorized and I could log on to the library system at a moment's notice.  That number was an old buddy.  A familiar friend. 

I don't believe my fuzzy old brain can remember some fancy new number.  Hmmmmph. 


The Nilsen's Journey said...

oh me too (fireproof)! How do you add images to the post? (I wanted to add the DVD one to my post today...)

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I might break down and cry if I had to get a new library card number... it's soooooo long!!!

Happy memorizing(