Monday, March 30, 2009

My Hero

My poor little computer died this weekend.  The thing shut down spontaneously and would not reboot.  When technology fails, it definitely pays to be married to a geek!

My knight in shining armor quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced my notebook's RAM (because he just happened to have extra lying around).  Voila!  Problem solved!  Not only that, my computer now boots much faster than before.

Many thanks to my buff and studly resident IT tech.


Prairie Girl said...

ACK! You are the third person I know who's computer has gone kaput within the last month. I've been delaying doing it, but I'm seriously backing up my harddrive tonight!

Glad your IT department was able to fix the problem. Do you need to pay overtime for working on the weekend?

Lindsay Inkster said...

Backup, backup, backup!!!

Ben backed up my hard drive mere hours before the computer crashed completely!