Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Maybe you've noticed ... my blogging performance has been less-than-stellar lately.  I'm completely uninspired.  I've hit a major slump.  That big 1-0-0-0  posts thing has left me rather deflated.  What else is there to say?  I can only talk about menu planning and my crazy kids for so long before people (all ten of you) rebel against reading the random musings of my mundane life.

(I'm so ready for spring to arrive.)  

Fear not, I won't take drastic action any time soon.  I realize I've been sick and tired and grumpy and stressed the past while.  Life will likely settle out and all will be rosy once again.  New inspiration will strike eventually.  Right?

I think my love affair with blogging has grown cold for two key reasons:
  • I've changed my daily routine and am spending very little time on the computer.  (I actually see this as a healthy thing.)  These days I'd rather dash off a quick post than spend an hour crafting something witty and profound. 
  • I'm pretty sick of myself lately (but I don't mean to sound horribly self-deprecating).  I'm simply tired of coming across as prideful and "super-momish".  I don't want to boast about the cool things I've done / nifty projects I've made / profound books I've read.  I just want a rest.  
All that to say, ye olde Ink Spot is looking rather forlorn these days.  I guess this is my rough approximation of an apology and explanation.


Prairie Girl said...

I look at blogging like writing in a diary that you know your sibling will steal and read. Something to keep myself motivated and a place to pour out my thoughts. I really blog for pretty selfish reasons.

But for the record - I never tire of hearing about the kids.

Simply Sara said...

Oh Lindsay!

First of all I don't think you come across as "super-momish" or prideful at all. I've always really enjoyed your posts.

I can understand the need to limit your time on the computer though. I too need to find a better balance for my time.

For the record, I look forward to whatever you share, but hope that you will have a good rest.
Rest is a good thing :)

The Nilsen's Journey said...

I hear you in those words - I am on the computer way less too! Maybe with the way I'm feeling lately too! However, I just think one of the things I appreciate about you SO much is that you aren't prideful. (at least you don't come across that way to me!) You are transparent & honest & I find humble. A true kindred spirit! Plus, eventhough you aren't older than I, I find you to have experienced more of this parenting gig for more years (with more children) & have wisdom to share. That is a blessing! Enjoy your rest! It's well deserved!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE don't stop blogging!!! I have never found that you come across as "super mom-ish" or prideful. Sometimes it is just so nice to pick up little tidbits of information from your posts. Keep sharing because you never know when a "silly post" will touch someone's heart on a day that they really need it. I agree with Wendy about the whole "more parenting experience" business, and hey, lets be honest, I use that experience whenever and wherever I can get it.


Anonymous said...

Lins, Lins, Lins.....I know you (not really well, but well enough)and you are SO NOT prideful....you are truly one of the most humble, gracious, tenderhearted, kind, loving and wise women I konw....it's just the weather hunny, the weather.....how can anyone be happy and upbeat when it KEEPS SNOWING....now go pluck the floss off your mirror, DON"T stop blogging and say "hi" to the Mr. for me....

Grace and peace and love to an amazing woman...Lindsay Inkster!

Debi Peoples Helmer (Jim's cousin)