Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Word

My husband has decided to rename our bed.  (Not that the bed ever had a name in the first place).  He's now calling it "the Word".

It's a logical name, I suppose.  When Ben is too tired to get up in the morning, he can just spend some extra time in the Word.

How noble.

But it leads me to wonder ... can I rename our bathtub as well?

Surely, I need a great deal more time soaking in the Word.


Prairie Girl said...

ha! Leave it to Ben to come up with something that witty!

And I'd been meaning to ask you for that white bean dip. You must have read my mind :)

Prairie Girl said...

Of coarse I just clicked on it and realized I HAD seen it somewhere before ;)

I'm going to go write it down. Right now. And put it in my recipe box. Right now.