Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Delicate Issue

Our little girl is nearly three years old.  She's been essentially potty trained for a few months but still has occasional accidents.  To be blunt, she has poop issues.  She doesn't like to poop in the potty.  She doesn't like to poop in a diaper.  She won't poop in her panties.  She simply holds it all in, for days and days and days and days and days.

(Each of her older siblings have done exactly the same thing.)

The problem is, a little body is not designed to hold on to poop for weeks on end.  (Here's where things get a wee bit gross.)  Often, she leaks. Her poor body just can't handle it.  We've tried everything but our girl refuses to poop until it's absolutely necessary.  After a lot of disgust and frustration (and a ban on diapers in the daytime) we came up with a workable solution.

For the time being, our daughter wears "poop skid liners" on her underwear.  They are simply pantie liners designed to be worn by women.  I figure the liners are meant for panties, so why can't a toddler wear one?  Those liners have saved many a pair of small panties over the past few weeks.

Our little girl has no problem with wearing the liners, and in fact, now refuses to wear panties without one.  She's completely accepted them. There's just one problem, however.  It's pretty embarrassing to travel down a store's feminine hygiene aisle and hear my daughter loudly exclaim:

"Hey look Mommy!  There's the poop skid liners!"     


Simply Sara said...

Bahahahaha- that's hilarious!- her excited reaction in the store that is- not the fact the she holds it all in :)

I know quite a few kids who do the same thing. I'll have to pass along your creative idea to their mommys!

Prairie Girl said...

I've decided it's a mother's destiny to deal with poop - alas, I fear I have quite a number of years yet in front of me.

Great problem solving though. Skid liners - hilarious!

The Nilsen's Journey said...

hahahaha! oh, kids say the funniest things!I'm laughing so hard G's sitting on my lap & joined in! You have shared what might help many of us in the future-thank you!

AlisonVeritas said...

this is all very sweet and cute and oh so creative of you! Poor little munchkin.