Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Garden is Planted!

Didn't Ben do a great job building our garden beds?  

The veggies are planted and now we wait!  I followed the plan for "square foot gardening" and between our two beds we have about 30 sq. ft. of space to work with.  Today only half the beds are actually planted, though.  We'll successively plant the rest of the garden over the next few weeks in hopes of spacing out our harvest.

What did we plant?

Pole beans
Black Seeded Simpson lettuce
Buttercrunch lettuce
Sweet peas

The kids and I will plant sunflowers at the corners of the garden this afternoon.  Next week I also plan to plant one or two tomato seedlings. This is all a grand adventure, so we'll see what actually grows :-).

Next on the list ... put up those gates to keep the bunnies at bay!


Simply Sara said...

How very exciting!
It will be so much fun for you guys to watch your garden grow :)

Tell Ben he did a fabulous job!

Prairie Girl said...

It looks awesome, Lindsay!