Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Harvest!

We ate our first harvest from the garden today! It was a radish. A single, tiny, lonely radish we carefully sliced into four little pieces :-). Many of the radish's friends should be ready to pluck from the ground this weekend!

In other gardening news, we have plenty of green poking up through the soil. The spinach, peas, beans and sunflowers appear to be growing especially well. Sadly, the zucchini is nowhere to be found. (We planted the seeds over three weeks ago, so we should have sprouts by now. Right?) This past weekend we sowed our second crop of beets, carrots and lettuce. We also thinned all those cute little seedlings.

Gardening is turning out to be really fun. Our three-year-old especially enjoys helping mommy water the plants each morning. (She also enjoys digging up the plants. Yikes!)


Simply Sara said...

Hooray for your harvest!
How fun!

Can't wait to hear how the rest of your veggies grow :)

Prairie Girl said...

Congratulations! You guys are doing so so great!

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Oh wow! How exciting!! Our garden is certainly growing well too! The tomatoe plants are the ones I'm concerned about....A second sowing? Wow! I can't wait to see your garden now with things growing in it!