Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Great Books for Children:

How Groundhog's Garden Grew
by Lynne Cherry

Gardening seems to be the topic of the moment around here :-).  Our family has shared much excitement this week watching tiny sprouts emerge in our backyard garden.  It's been fun and a terrific learning experience for us all.

Our family is also reading the following fantastic book:

Lynne Cherry wrote and illustrated How Groundhog's Garden Grew during several artist-in-residencies at institutions such as the Smithsonian Museum and Cornell University.  Cherry's illustrations are beautifully detailed.  Our family particularly enjoyed the pages depicting many types of sprouts!  The story "introduces children to the cycle of an entire gardening year: gathering seeds in fall; storing them in winter; planting in spring; weeding and watering in summer; and a delicious and bountiful harvest at Thanksgiving time."

I can only hope our little backyard garden grows to be as lush and green as Mr. Groundhog's ....


Simply Sara said...

How sweet that the whole family can share in the excitement of your new garden together!

We'll have to check out that book. Thanks for recommending it.

Prairie Girl said...

I'm with Sara! That will go on our library list (race you to the library, Sara....just kidding!)

And a Heritage Park date sounds lovely! Aren't the Season's passes wonderful! We are away for the weekend, so I will touch base next week and hopefully we can figure out a time in the near future for us to go!