Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Whirlwind

Phew! We're caught in a busy season around here. End of school activities fill our calendar for the next couple of weeks. For a family who plays it very low-key, we're not used to all the excitement! I'm looking forward to the end of the craziness next week!

We've been...

Dancin' up a storm
Celebrating kindergarten graduation
Crafting for a special birthday girl
Baking for a party
Practicing piano
Shopping for the teachers
Working on the yard
Going on a field trip
Hangin' at a picnic

And trying desperately to stay caught up on sleep!


Simply Sara said...

Yikes! You HAVE been busy bees!

I'm on the hunt for teacher gifts too...any good tips?

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Sounds fun (and yet tiring too!) Have a wonderful weekend & wish the b-day girl "happy birthday" from us! When life settles down, we'd love to get together again! Oh, and I have the container you sent home with me. I ended up using it for watermelon for a day trip - and the watermelon stained it. Where did you buy it & I'll get you a new one.

Prairie Girl said...

Sound fun, but very busy!

Hang in there, summer is just around the corner :)

Lindsay Inkster said...

I think Chapters gift cards are the way to go for teacher gifts. What teacher doesn't like books???