Monday, September 25, 2006

You Know Your Kids Are Tired When ...

This weekend our boys stayed with Grandpa and Grammy while we were away in Fernie. I think the boys had a good time --- they were exhausted by the time we brought them home yesterday.

How do I know my boys were tired?

Last night Ben and I enjoyed a quiet evening. I worked on my blog while Ben read his book. The kids had all been asleep for a couple of hours. Suddenly, we heard a terrific CRASH! upstairs.

Ben and I flew up the stairs and into the boys' bedroom. We found our three-year-old son lying on the floor with his blankets tangled around him. He wasn't crying or moving. (His bed is only about 18 inches off the floor.)

I gathered him into my arms. "Are you okay buddy?" I asked, "Did you fall out of bed?"

The little guy's eyes were open, but he didn't give much of a response. I lifted him back into bed and tucked the covers under his chin.

"Are you even awake?" I asked my son.

"No," he mumbled, and sleepily lifted his head off the pillow to give me a kiss.

He was snoring again before we shut the bedroom door.

Our son is an exceptionally heavy sleeper, but even Ben and I were impressed. We suspect that if we hadn't come into the room our little guy would have slept on the floor until morning. He was that tired.

Our boys must have had a great time this weekend. Now they may need the rest of the week to catch up on their sleep!

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