Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Too Lazy

They say confession is good for the soul. That being the case, I have something I would like to confess.

I have fallen off the bandwagon. I've lost my discipline. I have become l-a-z-y.

I haven't worked out at the gym for three whole weeks, and I can't say I have a good excuse for it.

I could give lots of reasons for my absence --- we went out of town, Ben was sick, I've had several meetings, I've been doing my music homework, we've had lots of company, I fell down some stairs and have a sore back ... blah, blah, blah. The ugly truth is, I've just gotten out of the routine.

I used to go to the gym every Monday and Thursday night after the kids went to sleep. I also take a pilates class on Saturday morning, so I figured my fitness routine was decent enough for a tired mother-of-three.

Unfortunately, I started to miss a night here, skip a workout there ... and suddenly I'm not going anymore. I need to hop back on the treadmill! Step out on the track! Pump some iron!

I like going to the gym. A good workout always feels great. These days I just like to sit on the couch more, I suppose.

So by virtue of my public confession, I am now accountable. I will make an effort to go to the gym two times this week. Hey, even one workout is better than none at all.

There is a great irony to this post, however. I've stayed home from the gym tonight to sit on the couch and ... you guessed it ... work on my blog.

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