Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Special Day

Our precious baby girl is already four months old. Where has the time gone? Before we know it she will be going off to kindergarten, dating boys, getting married, and having babies of her own. (Though not all at the same time, I hope.)

In church this morning we dedicated our sweet little girl to the Lord. Our family and many friends gathered around us. Ben and I are blessed to have all our immediate family living close to us. God has also given us numerous trustworthy, Christian friends. We were so pleased to have the support of our family and friends in this morning's church service.

Ben and I pray every day that our children will grow to love the Lord, and will want to serve Him. We pray that God will help us to be good parents to the little souls He has entrusted to our care. You know, I didn't pray as much as I should have before I became a mother. Now that I have children, I need to pray all the time. Our babies are too precious for me not to lift them up to God every day.

My sweet baby girl, Daddy and I love you very much. You are so special to us ...

I love all of you!
Your eyes, your cheeks,
Your sweet little nose,
Your knees, your feet,
Your stubby pink toes.

I love all of you!
Your dimples, your grin,
Your tummy, your chin,
Your ears, your hair,
Your lips, your skin.

Now, how did we get started?
How did we begin?
Oh, yes, I love all of you --
From beginning to end.

(Poem by Annie Dougherty)

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